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Email Medhealthng for online sales information. To ensure that your inquiry is forwarded to the appropriate Sales Group, be sure to include details about your advertising needs and include your interest in one or more of the following areas:

Consumer Advertising: Pharmaceutical and Medical Device

The following ad specifications are available below via PDF:

Technical Specifications for Ad Units on Standard Pages

Technical Specifications for Ads on Consumer Mobile Web Pages

Technical Specifications for MedHealthngs Mobile App iPhone and Android

Technical Specifications for MedHealthngs Mobile App iPad

Technical Specifications for Consumer Newsletter Ads

or Download all Ads Specifications here

Advertisers have many reasons to partner with MedHealthng. A few are available below via PDF:

Ad: People come here as if their lives depended on it.

Ad: People with HIV, Flu, Malaria, Backpain, Overwieght, and other common / lethal health conditions makes MedHealthng their priority everyday.

The worlds leading health and wellness brand.

MedHealthng delivers the audience you need most.

WebMD puts consumers in the palm of your hand.

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