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metopdawg asked:

Find a Heating Contractor in Danville IL

The Bayview Court Stone Soup Tree Decorating Party–Part 2

FebWriter asked:

Dean, Jenna, Ryan, Lorna, and Kevin are inside Dean and Jenna’s apartment now, and Matt has gone to rustle up vegetables and tree ornaments from the other tenants. Lorna and Kevin are in the kitchen, Dean is on the phone booking his flight to L.A. to meet with Andrew Stark at Centurion Records, Ryan is going through the phone book looking for heating contractors, and Jenna is sitting on the couch writing something. She asks Ryan if he can stop looking for heating contractors for a few minutes and help her with it, but Ryan says Jenna’s list is not important; Ryan is facing a jail term, and that’s important. “Oh, for heaven’s sakes!” Jenna says disgustedly and shoves against Ryan’s arm. Lorna comes over to Jenna and Ryan then and announces the water is boiling, asking if they’re all now going to fight for a spot by the stove. Kevin peers over Lorna’s shoulder and announces that so far they have a bay leaf. Matt returns then, loaded down with bags and saying they got lucky, and Jenna, Lorna, and Kevin all rush to see what Matt brought. Kevin starts naming the vegetables they have–celery, carrots, onions…eggplant? He holds up an eggplant. Lorna makes a comment about eggplant soup being gourmet. Kevin says they’ll call it minestrone and hope for the best. Ryan exclaims that he’s found a 24-hour heating contractor; his enthusiasm abruptly dies when he realizes the man is in Chicago. Matt also has tin cans from recycling, and a whisk, a wooden spoon, and some gold ribbon and construction paper chains from some of the other tenants. Then Matt says he has a few more apartments to check out, and he heads out the door as Jenna wishes him luck. After Matt’s departure, Kevin says he and his mom used to make Christmas ornaments out of tin cans and asks Jenna for a can opener. Lorna and Kevin verbally spar over the tin cans and Lorna making soup. Dean finishes his call and announces he’s got a flight, then says if he can just get this one deal… Lorna says one deal is all he needs with Andrew Stark. Everyone stops when they hear a noise: the pipes! Ryan touches the pipes and announces they’re warm, causing everyone to cheer. Ryan muses that no one actually came here to fix the boiler. Dean says maybe Santa’s into boilers this year. Ryan disagrees, saying something weird is going on, and he goes to check it out. After Ryan leaves, Jenna says anything can happen, and after checking the pipes, she goes to kiss Dean, and Lorna and Kevin once again follow their lead, and the scene ends on the two couples kissing in Dean and Jenna’s living room while “Jingle Bells” plays on the stereo. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.