Bitter Taste In Mouth

Bitter Taste In Mouth

One of the most irritating things that can happen to a person is the presence of a bitter taste in the mouth. The bitter taste can make a person find food to be repulsive, though the hunger to eat the food might be there. This makes eating the food to be a very difficult activity.

There are various causes for the bitter taste in mouth to occur. The most common cause would be the infections of a bacterial source. Other than the infection, any gum problem or a dental problem will cause the bitter taste in mouth. People who do not take proper care of their mouth are also prone to have many dental problems. If there are any ulcers in the mouth, they too can cause a bitter taste in the mouth.

Many people who suffer from acid reflux may have regurgitation. This causes a sick bitter taste in mouth. The person who has this kind of problem may find it very difficult. Certain medications too can cause a bitter taste in mouth. Antibiotics are the worst, but most of the drugs that are manufactured leave a bitter taste in mouth that takes a long time to disappear.

Though lack of oral care on just one day can make the bitter taste to appear, there are many people who do not take care of their teeth or even brush their teeth for many weeks. These people have the worst condition because the lack of oral care for a long time would have caused the person to have a lot of plaque and tartar formation on the teeth. This causes the bitter taste in mouth to increase.
The other factors that could also cause the bitter taste in mouth include those like hormonal imbalance, metal poisoning and others.


Though it is not completely possible to prevent the bitter taste in mouth, there are some causes that can be prevented from occurring. The main aspect is that the oral care being a cause of the bitter taste in mouth. This cause is completely avoidable, if every person takes some extra care of the teeth and oral hygiene. Regular brushing of the teeth with a good toothpaste is the primary thing that will help in preventing the bitter taste in mouth. Regular flossing is of very important too. Visiting the dentist regularly to have plaque removed will also prevent bitter taste in mouth from being caused.

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