Foods to avoid that cause gout.

Foods to avoid that cause gout.

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A low-purine diet is often prescribed as the best food for Gout

sufferers. Hence, foods to avoid Gout are those foods that are High in

What are Purines and How do I Avoid them ?

Purines are substances found in food, which, when broken down produce a

lot of uric acid. A low-purine diet is often prescribed for individuals

To avoid purine ask about ingredients at restaurants and read food

labels. The following lists of High and Low Purine Foods is not complete.

Consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant

Foods to Avoid - Foods that are high in purines:

Offal foods such as: Liver, Kidneys, Tripe, Heart, Tongue, etc.

Excessive amounts of red meat and poultry.

Shellfish, mussels, anchovies, fish roe, herring, mackerel,

Peas, legumes, spinach, lentils and beans.

Alcohol intake should at least be reduced (beer and wine

Foods that are low in purines � Food for Gout sufferers:

Raw fruit � (Cherries & strawberries are good)

White bread / crackers (not whole wheat,)

Additional to a low purine diet is - maintaining an appropriate weight

to height ratio, avoiding excessive alcohol intake, and increasing your

Why is a Gout Diet Important ?

For those that suffer from Gout, uric acid production in the body

increases at a greater rate than it can be eliminated naturally by the

body. The excess uric acid builds up in the bloodstream and is deposited

in the small joints or soft tissues. This build-up causes painful symptoms

An effective diet is important to avoid or reduce complications and

lessen the expense of drug treatment. Restricting calorie intake and

alcohol consumption, and losing weight (if overweight), can also reduce

uric acid levels. It is also important to drink plenty of fluids to

increase uric acid excretion from the body. Alternative sources of protein

should be included in a low-purine diet.

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