Kids Health, Nutritional Diet, Well Being and Fitness

Kids Health, Nutritional Diet, Well Being and Fitness

Kids Health, Nutritional Diet, Well Being and Fitness

Apart from the parents of any kid, there are other people who have a direct interest in the well being, health and fitness of any young kid. No school teacher likes to see a child who is dull, listless, and inattentive in class, and certainly the family doctor or health provider will have an equal interest.

Ensuring the well being and fitness of a young kid is the prime responsibility of the parent who make sure that the youngster eats a healthy nutritional diet, see that he or she gets plenty of exercise and maintains a healthy weight for age.

Setting aside the parental responsibilities there is much a young boy or girl can do to preserve their own health and fitness by following a few simple rules

Be a Healthy Kid

1. Vary your diet and avoid the obsessive eating of junk food, the more varied your diet the more likely it will be that you are getting an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, and fiber necessary to keep you fit and guarantee good health. Aim to eat about two helpings of fruit and three of fresh vegetables every day.

2. If you feel thirsty then remember that a glass of cold water is the best thirst quencher of all time but the calcium content of a couple of glasses of milk will go a long way to giving strong healthy bones and teeth. If you become tired of milk and water then try a glass of fresh orange juice, but you would be advised to steer clear of the many colas and sugary soda drinks available.

3.Pay attention to your body and don’t indulge in over eating. Sometimes, unless you pay attention to what your body is saying you may not realize that your stomach is feeling full. Become adjusted to the feeling of having a full stomach when you eat, and consider that over indulgence at meal time over a long period can lead to unwanted unhealthy weight gain. Listen to what your body is saying.

4. How much time do you spend glued to the TV or to the computer screen listening to DVDs or playing video games? Think about it, the more time you spend this way then the less time you have for