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Sailing is a sport suitable for people of all ages. Until recently, it was associated with an elite form of spending time, but currently, the prices are getting lower and renting or even buying a boat is not that expensive anymore. There are lots of sailing clubs that offer trainings and give beginners the chance to experience the beauty of the sport… Maybe you should give it a try?

Sailing is a very diverse discipline of sport and each person can choose the type of activity that is the most suitable. Those who prefer adrenaline and competition can take part in various races. Those who prefer to relax and rest can enjoy sailing with the whole family or a group of friends. Being close to nature and separated from the big city rush lets you relax and is a great way to forget about every-day troubles. Once you set your sails, the first thing you will notice is peace, as the only sounds will be made by water. If you get tired of sailing, depending on your mood, you can moor the boat in a busy marina full of people and entertainments or choose a forgotten and peaceful bay. If you prefer adventurous and demanding type of holiday, you may decide on sailing the sea. What is interesting, a boat can be a place of relaxation for just a few hours, but may also become a floating home for many months.

Whatever type of sailing activity you choose, it will have a positive impact on your physical condition, as it will improve your coordination, speed and strength. What is important, as already mentioned above, sailing provides a mental escape from everyday problems. In addition, it can help you develop some desirable skills, for example ability to work as a part of a team or to make decisions quickly. Additionally, you have a chance to meet new people and visit interesting places. You can also enjoy all the aspects of having a hobby – acquiring and improving skills and gaining experience from many disciplines (such as meteorology or physics).

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