Piles Remedies

Piles Remedies

While piles are itchy painful and irritating there are some alternative medicines that can assist in the cure and further prevention of these minor happenings. Traditional piles remedies include creams and ointments. While more severe cases of piles require banding or a more serious surgery to clear them up.

Naturally, the first alternative to shrink piles or hemorrhoids is by changing to a high fiber diet. Even if it is for a few weeks, this diet change will cause the piles to diminish in size which will assist in treatment. The larger the pile become, the more problems will result.

There are many practicing alternative medicine doctors available now compared to five years ago. Also there are a number of different alternative medicine practices. Acupuncture has been proven to work as one of several piles remedies. Then of course, you will want to consult a herb specialist to find out what herbs are good for strengthening blood vessels and veins.

There are rubs that can be made via recipes in many herbal books. These oils can be used while piles are developed in an early stage. Please note if piles are not taken care of upon noticing they can become more severe. Especially if the piles are releasing blood and it has risen to the constantly bleeding stage. Constant bleeding in never a good thing, the more straining while having a bowel movement will cause excessive bleeding.

The drug store shelves are lined with an entire section of over the counter piles remedies for minor piles and hemorrhoids. The severity of the discomfort is completely up to the individual’s tolerance for such an annoying diagnosis. There are many ways to find piles remedies, and the final decision should be based on how bad the piles are. Try to avoid being constipated, but by the same token do not take laxatives if there are piles already existing.

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