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SISEL is an acronym standing for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy & Longevity. Our name describes our mission. Drawing upon the latest research and technology SISEL International seeks to explore the true nature of health and wellness and to provide alternative nutritional, personal care and cosmetics products designed to help people live healthier lives. We dedicate our unrelenting research into emerging life sciences to our customers who, through our unique distribution model, bring our innovative products and our message to the world.

We live in societies plagued by chronic disease and obesity on the one hand, and extreme malnutrition and poverty on the other; with prescription drugs more frequently consumed than ever before in history by some and absolutely inaccessible to others; and in communities that either embrace health care systems that put pharmaceutical and sick-care profits first or in communities that have little or no health care at all. SISEL embraces a future in nutrition and personal care that puts the human body first, that uses Science and Innovation to promote lives infused by Energy and Longevity, combined with temporal and spiritual Success. This is what our products are about; this is what our business model is about. We seek to promote the bodys natural ability to sustain itself through proper nutrition, physical exercise and the elimination of toxic ingredients. We promote wellness rather than simply responding to sickness, and we do so with a business model designed to empower and reward entrepreneurship in a healthy and sustainable system, rather than simply maximizing short-term profits.

In pursuit of all of our stakeholders (company, independent distributors and other business partners, customers), we seek to develop structures where self-interest benefits the whole, while encouraging stakeholders to consider the benefit of others and to appropriately temper the single-minded pursuit of individual interests. We seek to instill a culture of cooperation and collaboration and to promote the sharing of world-wide best practices while retaining local sensitivity and respect for native cultures. We acknowledge and appreciate the uniqueness of our individual team members and recognize their contributions. We do not compromise moral or ethical principlesever! We are committed to understanding and satisfying the expectations of our customers, distributors and employees. We support a culture that embraces change and encourages innovation. We inform, enlighten, uplift, elevate, motivate, excite and inspire the human spirit. We do not control, dictate, demand, coerce, manipulate or demean. We strive for sustainable growth in harmony with a global environment. We proudly offer the world the SISEL Solution for wellness.

These is the mission, values and vision statement of Sisel International

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