Saying goodbye to Bikram Work Study

Saying goodbye to Bikram Work Study

In March 2012 I started work study at Bikram Yoga SLC. The studio is located on 1924 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105. I have learned so much about life, myself, and others by practicing Bikram regularly. I don’t believe just practicing has made the shift but by doing the work study program with the studio. This means I would clean for 2 hours a week and get the opportunity to practice as compensation. I put in my two weeks with the studio and had my final night cleaning last night. I still plan on continuing a regular Bikram Yoga practice yet it was a hard thing to do. I love the atmosphere of the studio, energy, and people.


What I have learned is putting in your time and energy into something is so much more rewarding then just paying some money for what you want. It’s almost like instant gratification vs. working for what you want. Yes you do work for your $$ but it can be easier for others to whip out their wallet then to devote time and energy towards something meaningful.

I found myself near tears leaving the studio last night. I quit work study so that I can focus more on my health by getting more sleep and having more time to practice. I’m really excited to start practicing letting go. We are not attached to anything and that is one of the biggest things I learned. My cleaning partners Phil and Barbara were amazing. They have opened up my eyes to so much I’m excited to start a very long journey of love and joy. Love and Joy is all that matters. Be true to yourself and let the Universe take care of you.