This domain name is being auctioned by monoGLYPH. By purchasing the registration rights to this name, you will be taking a critical step in developing a web identity for your business. Act now to secure for your business use! monoGLYPH offers services to help businesses establish a presence on the Internet. As part of our business, we purchase domain names that are sometimes not used by the originally intended client. Rather than keep these names off the market, we offer them to existing businesses that may have a use for them.

If you are an existing company with this business name, having a web site at this domain is a must. Whether you are planning to get on the Web immediately or not, you should bid on this name now, rather than risk losing it to another company. Here are some of the reasons we think you should get your business on the Web at this memorable domain name:

  • 24/7 advertising for your company
  • Make contact and location information easily available
  • Provide a general listing of products and/or services
  • Provide a listing of current special sales or offerings
  • Provide general information about your industry.
  • Provide links to other industry-related sites.
  • Access to email using this domain name.

Or, if you are an existing business with a name that is similar to this one and you already have a web site, we strongly recommend that you buy this name as well. It''s an easy task for your ISP to point a second domain name to an existing web site. You don''t change anything on the web site and you keep your existing domain name. Visitors who type in the above name looking for your company on the Internet will automatically be directed to your web site.
If this isn''t the name for you, go to our web site and read about our domain name consulting service. We''ll help you find the best domain name for your company, and can also help you choose a web developer and web hosting company. Plus, when you become a monoGLYPH client, you''ll get access to a personalized account management web page on the monoGLYPH site, where you can review other domain names you may be interested in, put in requests for specific names or types of names, check the progress of your domain name registration(s), and communicate with your account representative.