Breast Health

Breast Health

Breast health in women is just as important as their reproductive system.

Breast cancer claims so many women’s lives each year that it is difficult to ignore the importance of making sure that breasts are in proper shape.

While many women are beating this cancer through aggressive treatments and staying more aware of their bodies, it is still a very dangerous and virulent cancer.

However, the risk can be diminished through preventative measures that are done on a regular basis.

Women have become much more involved in their own health than they used to be and that is keeping them healthier.

Breast health includes such things as performing regular monthly breast exams at home.

These are so easy to do that most women simply pick a day each month and do their own self check. As long as it is done a week following the end of their menstrual cycle, the timing is fine.

It is actually through doing some of these self breast exams that some unnatural lumps have been detected.

Through the discovery, these women went to their doctors immediately and were able to be treated before things got too far out of hand. This is the prime reason for doing self breast exams.

The biggest reason for breast health checks is to detect any cancerous tumors or lumps in their breasts as soon as possible.

When these are detected soon, treatment can begin. It has been proven that early treatment of breast cancer has a high rate of curing it or at least putting it in remission.

While many women choose to have both of their breasts removed in addition to chemotherapy and/or radiation, there are a lot of women who choose homeopathic treatments to try to get rid of the cancer.

There are so many different types of treatment for breast cancer now that the choices are not so cut and dried.

Breast health also comes under the microscope when new mothers are breast feeding their new babies.

It is very important to make sure that there are not any clogged ducts which can lead to breast infections for the mother. Then the baby is unable to draw milk from the nipple because the mother is too ill.

She can run a fever and actually get pretty sick from this. Any sign of a clogged duct should send a new mother straight to her doctor.

Usually an antibiotic and some healing of the breast will take care of the infection shortly.

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