Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

The Review:

As a carcinoma survivor, I wanted to like that book. I like the idea of a hip survival/inspirational guide for women. I am so glad that Kris Carr has dealt so well with a devastating diagnosis.

This points to a true strength of spirit. I think the author''s heart is in the right place, but something went incorrect here. I didn''t find "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" hip, or comic. It struck a bad chord for me.

When I had carcinoma I too was 31. I didn''t go via a decision-making workflow about whether to tell my esthetician about my disease. I wasn''t worried about getting my bikini area waxed. I didn''t go on a cancervation with my posse, because I was working to pay my bills and keep my health insurance.

I didn''t attend retreats and trainings and purchase hundreds of dollars of goods from Whole Meals on shopping trips and make a documentary about myself. People deal with trauma and heal in various ways, and spending freely seems to have been beneficial to Kriss Carr''s individual journey. Each woman featured in "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" talks about her height and weight, and Kris Carr makes numerous references to her own weight and desire to weigh less. It seems the opposite of empowering, and probably a bit disingenuous, for a woman who looks (at least in her photos) radiantly healthy, awesome, stylish, and very thin to keep making references to desire for weighing less.

I''d find it inspirational to hear things along the lines of I used to worry about my weight before carcinoma, but since I''ve changed my nutrition plan and lifestyle, my organism has changed and I''m very excited with it, I feel very comfortable in my own skin now (or something like that). When I had carcinoma, I was more concerned with getting well than stepping on the scale. I''m well and healthy, now, my looks are something I pay attention to but emphasizing it in a book focused on carcinoma seems incorrect. I can''t pretend to know what it''s like to have the condition that Kris Carr is living with.

She seems to be doing something right - plenty of somethings. I respect this tremendously. I''d like to hear more about nutrition plan and workout, more on inner workflow, less about numbers on the scale and appearance and the things that cash can purchase. Maybe focusing on this is meant to distract the mind, and I''ve missed the point.

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