Get fit again after the summer

Get fit again after the summer
Get fit again
Get fit again

Farewell to summer vacation and it’s time to return to training and get fit. The truth is that meeting this objective can be an easy job. Just have a minimum strength of will, take care of the food (not obsessed of course), work with enthusiasm and do the right exercises. Let’s cheer up!

Before you begin the trotter should take into account its physical form. Do not forget that one of the main reasons why many athletes impromptu stop running is his intention to do sports every day and superhuman pace.


The first thing that anyone, who wants to get fit is a good film. The human body is like a car engine, can not be put to good use during the first few days because then gives breakdowns. We must go slowly. It is best to start with short runs and rhythms very soft (do not run more than twenty minutes). Otherwise, all it does is overload the muscle, deplete our body do not digest properly training and end up abandoning physical activity.

Nor should we obsess and begin to run once every twenty four hours. In fact, experts recommend physical work three days a week to rest the body after a day of training. You have to insert train, rest, rest … I train at least initially. Our physical thank you, believe me. And then after the first month if you find yourself able to train more trying to do other sports that do not run day … be prepared next summer!

Also, we want you on your return to the race opt for more socializing. And is that if you go jogging with illusion (when you go with friends are always happier) will cost you less Calz Arte shoes down to the street. In addition, you will not be you ‘cracking’ that starts to fail right? Well, you decide…

Stretching is health
And what about stretching, essential for ensuring good health of the corridor. Many athletes do not take them into account and working in an improper manner. However, as Alfonso Vega account, trainer and personal trainer “every kind of stretching plays a specific role and is not the same stretch resistance to work or do to improve strength and speed. Anyway stretching is health. ”

After having run also is highly recommended to strengthen the abdomen with a good session of abs. Make a few every day we train in the race will help us prevent back pain and pelvic area. And to get in shape.

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