Hot New Government Report Shows Obama's Fatal "Economy Crushing" Mistake

Hot New Government Report Shows Obama's Fatal

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Breaking News...

Just-released government data shows that life as we know it is about to come to an end.

Before we get to that, if you''re interested in a few free tips on how to sidestep this crash (like a VERY few people did in Germany 1923)...

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The Bureau of Public Debt at the Treasury Dept just released data that shows the national debt is currently at $15.566 trillion.

To put it in perspective, that''s saying that...

Every American man, woman, child and newborn owes $49,690 to pay off that debt.

In fact, if every person and business in the US donated 100% of EVERYTHING for a YEAR...

It STILL wouldn''t pay off the debt.

Of course, Obama blames Bush. But that''s the shocking thing about this data...

The debt has increased MORE in Obama''s years in office than under Bush''s 8!

Economic Editor Marc Faber predicts that the only way out of this downward spiral is hyperinflation.

And we''ve seen this happen to Germany already.

Germany fought WWI on credit.

We fought the War On Terror on credit.

5 years after the war, a cup of coffee in Germany that cost 1 mark would have cost 1 trillion marks.

5 years after the war for us... is right around the corner.

That''s why I put together as many tips as I could find on sidestepping--and thriving during-- the collapse of the American dollar.

If you put these tips into action right now... You''ll be one of the few on top when this is all over.

And the best part is... You can take a look with 100% no risk to you or your family.

Plan Ahead,
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