Hunger and Nutrition

Hunger and Nutrition

In my book ‘The Nutrition Diet and Recipe Book’ which you can download free from (under Health and Self Improvment) I wrote about how the body can react if it doesn’t get the food it needs. Basically your body needs nutrients to survive and prosper and these come from the food we eat. This means that when your body needs topping up with vitamins and minerals and other nutrients it sends out hunger signals from the brain. You eat and the body is satisfied. That is assuming you eat nutrient rich foods the body needs. If not the body asks for more food and if you continue to eat the wrong foods it will ask for more and you get fat. If you continue to eat processed/junk food instead of nutrient rich foods your body needs it will continue to send out hunger signals.

Now new research shows that the brain is affected by eating the wrong sort of foods and can be starved of nutrients. If it does not get the nutrients it needs cells in the body and the brain start to eat themselves. Researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York discovered this and found that the body responds to hunger by producing fatty acids which send more hunger signals to the brain to increase the need to eat. As in my first paragraph I presume this will continue to happen if the body does not get the nutrition it needs. So the nutrition diet is the way forward.

Other than the obvious – eat a more nutritious diet – what use is the information to us. Basically it should be another tool to encourage us all to eat a healthy nutrient rich diet. Which is why I am telling you this news. If you give your body what it needs in the food you eat these urges to eat more and more will not occur and will help with weight control amongst other things.

Though the obvious thing might be to encourage healthy eating that is not often the reason for research. Often it is for commercial reasons, to produce a new wonder pill to make us slim and healthy. The researchers mentioned are looking at how this information can be used to stop the effect of lack of nutrients by blocking the sending of the hunger pangs. What would that do – stop you eating so you can get thin? It would not get you eating a healthy nutrient rich diet.

Surely it is easier, cheaper and healthier to get people to eat a healthier diet. But then you can’t sell them a ‘healthy diet’ and make lots of money, so devise a pill which will disrupt the body’s processes as with other pills on the market such as pills to block the absorption of fat to help weight loss.

Some hope of that. You take the pill and still eat the foods that made you fat in the first place doing nothing to help your health or wellbeing. Plus these pills generally have side effects. Your body also needs fat – there are fat soluble vitamins etc. (I will blog about fat later). So why block the fat. Again it would be better spending your money on nutrition help and advice and eat a diet based on nutritious food as recommended here and in my book. It is a simple fact – your body needs food but the right food.