Mold Removal Removes Health Concerns

Mold Removal Removes Health Concerns

Mold and its effects on the human body have been well studied.There are many connections between breathing problems and being exposed to mold.People suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are in danger of lung infections through exposure to mold. Those people diagnosed with asthma have the potential to develop a severe asthma attack with mold exposure. There is also evidence of mold causing rhinitis, urticaria, conjunctivitis and nasal congestion. All of these health concerns lead to the necessary mold removal. Sometimes mold is easily found, while at other times it can be behind walls, around pipes, or in basements. This makes complete mold removal a very challenging job.

Now these tips are coming from an experienced water damage San Diego company.

Finding mold in our environment is a natural occurrence. The molds in nature are all a part of the life cycle. They are present because they help to break down things like organic materials such as fallen leaves. Spores are what reproduces mold and it is also the way it finds its way into our homes and businesses. When spores are blown
onto a moist or wet surface they are able to stick to various structures and multiply. That is why controlling moisture in buildings is crucial in trying to control mold. Mold removal is a difficult job especially if it has taken hold. And during removal, spores are released into the air, looking for
another target.

Health concerns are cause for concern when free spores are present. These spores that are airborne cause the allergic reactions, irritations and can be inhaled into our lungs. Anything the spores live and thrive on they do destroy. Mold removal is necessary. You may be able to take on this type of job yourself, but there are some steps you should follow. If the infected area is less than ten square feet, then the EDA states that you should be able to clean this up yourself. Now if the area that is infected is larger, they suggest to hire a professional to do the removal.

If the area is something you feel you can handle, there are a few precautions that you must do prior to the mold removal. First, protect yourself from inhaling the mold spores by wearing a N-95 respirator. These do cost between 12-25 dollars in most hardware stores or online. Second, wear long gloves made of a natural rubber.Do not allow your bare hands to touch mold. Third, be sure to wear goggles and be sure they don''t have ventilation because this will protect your eyes from the mold spores. Now you are ready to begin to clean. You need to start off by fixing any pipes that are leaking and then scrubbing mold off with a bleach water combo or disinfectants and water
mixture. Following the cleanup, the next thing to do is dry everything. Remember the key is moisture control. If you haven''t fixed the problem, chances are the mold will return.

Follow these key steps as they have been gained from years of experience as a mold removal San Diego company.