Wellness Programs on a Budget.

Wellness Programs on a Budget.

Free Wellness Programs and Cheap Health Management Alternatives

Begin a free wellness program or run a successful health management program in the office for little or no cost to your business. the advantages of corporate wellness and learning how to begin a health management program at work are many.

The articles on health management have generated a variety of questions, mainly from wellness providers but also from businesses attempting to begin their own wellness workplace programs. There are a number of things to do to begin a successful health management program at work.

Suggestions for Beginning a Free or Cheap Wellness Program

Before beginning a affordable or free wellness program for your company, learn more about what workers want. Survey workers to learn more about their wellness concerns.

Keep the survey confidential to protect employees’ identities. Generally the most popular corporate wellness topics are smoking cessation, weight loss concerns and heart and cholesterol health.

Look for Corporate Wellness Freebies

Find out who will come in for free to speak to workers and explore partnerships with outside agents related to corporate wellness.

For instance, contact a local branch of a well-known weight loss corporation and ask when someone can come in and speak to staff members. Look for agencies that are willing to come in and talk about topics related to wellness at no cost to staff members, in exchange for something from you.

Find Corporate Wellness Partnerships

Working with a weight loss company to set up a speaking engagement for employees is the perfect opportunity to explore a potential wellness partnership.

The weight loss company may say that when 10 staff members join the program, they will hold weekly meetings at company headquarters for the people who joined. the weight loss group also may offer company staff members a discount when several people join the program.

Nonprofits an Untapped Health Management Resource

There are also plenty of nonprofit agencies who’d be thrilled to visit a company to discuss health management. But it’s up to you to offer them something in return.

For instance, if the MS Society came in and talked about the signs of MS, the corporation could offer to organize an MS walk (in keeping with corporation health management objectives, right?), or an auction with employee and company-donated items where the proceeds go to MS.

The people at the nonprofit agencies would be glad to open a dialog with your company and to talk about what they’d want in return for a speaking engagement. In many cases, they won’t need anything at all for a first meeting.

Gathering Data and Reviewing Wellness Program Results

Gathering data and reviewing results of a wellness program may be tricky because of HIPPA laws. Nonetheless, if at least 10 workers joined the weight loss program, or 20 individuals participate daily in the all-new “Let’s Walk a Mile at Lunch” program, that sort of progress can speak strongly to senior-level management.

And, corporation successes will potentially give management more incentive to provide money for more health management and wellness programs in the future.


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