5 Tips To Lower Cholesterol When Eating Out

5 Tips To Lower Cholesterol When Eating Out

“Let’s go out to dinner tonight!†It should be a sentence that evokes a fun evening with friends or loved ones; however, if you’re troubled by high cholesterol symptoms, it only creates anxiety. After all, what in the world can you hope to eat? Aren’t all restaurant choices terrible?

The answer, fortunately, is no. And as long as you’re vigilant and a little creative, you can happily eat your way to lower cholesterol, even if you’re eating out.

Lower Cholesterol Tip 1: Plan Ahead

The first step you might want to consider to lower cholesterol is getting a copy of the restaurant menu beforehand, if at all possible. Many places list their general menus online, and some will fax you a copy at your request. That way, you can see which options best fit someone suffering high cholesterol symptoms.

Start by looking at “light menu†choices, which are often more portion controlled and may even have nutritional information for those who wish lower cholesterol or lose weight. Obviously, you’ll want to look for items low in fat and salt, as well as those that contain vitamins and minerals. Fresh is best for anyone with high cholesterol symptoms; the less time it spent in a fridge or frying pan, the better!

Lower Cholesterol Tip 2: Promise to Stay the Course

Before you set foot in the restaurant, make a promise to yourself that you won’t just eat anything that’s on the table. This means if chips and salsa are presented, you avoid them, as they can create problems for your high cholesterol symptoms due to their fat and salt contents. (Remember – they’re tasty, but they’ve been fried!). Avoid too much bread and butter as well. If you’re starving, drink a full glass of water before eating on a roll; the liquid will help curb your appetite, quench your thirst, and keep yourself focused on lowering cholesterol.

Should your table mates order appetizers, simply pass them up. Nibbling just a few could hamper your attempts to lower cholesterol levels; if you need to, sneak a bag of baby carrots and celery sticks into the restaurant with you and munch away when the server isn’t looking!

Lower Cholesterol Tip 3: Watch for “Hidden†Problems

That grilled chicken breast entrée may look appealing, but be cautious. Ask before you order, or you may find that it’s been doused in a heavy cream sauce that’s laden with calories, fat, and artery clogging elements. Because high cholesterol is nothing to toy with, you need to always ask how an item is prepared; also, if there’s a term with which you’re unfamiliar, request to know what it means. That way, you’ll be certain to choose appropriate menu items for your high cholesterol symptoms.

Lower Cholesterol Tip 4: Ask for a Special Meal

Most restaurants are happy to fix your meal to order (unless you’re at a buffet.) Thus, you can ask for less salt, no sauce, or dressing on the side. The more you can control what’s going into your body, the better your chances at being able to lower cholesterol while not compromising your social life!

Lower Cholesterol Tip 5: Skip Dessert

The end of the meal… you made it! But here comes the dessert tray. It’s the time when many high cholesterol diets are broken.

Instead of succumbing, promise yourself something sweet when you get home, such as a fresh fruit bowl. Or, if you want, ask your waiter or waitress if there are any options such as melons or strawberries in the back. Again, you might feel awkward at first making such a request, but it’s better than diving into a cheesecake that only increases your high cholesterol symptoms.

In the end, it’s important to realize that even if you have high cholesterol symptoms, you can remain in control and live the life you want.

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