A Note from the Publisher

A Note from the Publisher

Because our physical health is connected to the health of our environment, there is a natural relationship between services, products and community initiatives that support healthy and green living. When I moved to Conway in 2006, I immediately looked for a resource that would answer my questions:

Where can I buy organic and local produce?
Where are the gyms?
Who offers massage?
Who offers alternative and complementary medicine?
Where can I buy organic gardening supplies?
Where can I buy natural products?
And many more…

In my quest, I found that there are a lot of great things happening in Conway, but there is yet to be a centralized source for the information. And so, an idea was born: THE CONWAY DIRECTORY FOR HEALTHY & SUSTAINABLE LIVING. This directory serves the Conway area to encourage us to look in our own backyard and support local businesses—not to mention to cut down on our driving time.

I invite you to participate in this project, either by pledging to circulate copies in your offices, to your friends, families and colleagues; or by buying advertising space.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you will join me in networking Conway for those of us who live here, as well as for those who have yet to arrive.

Yours in health,
Meg Gorvine, Owner
Unveiled by Design

Quick Facts & FAQs

Location: Conway, Arkansas

What: THE CONWAY DIRECTORY FOR HEALTHY & SUSTAINABLE LIVING is a community service project led by Meg Gorvine. Its goal is to provide a networking and advertising tool for local natural health practitioners, green product companies, and community organizations to promote healthy living in Conway.

The first year''s Directory goal is 8 pages of listings. The initial estimated print run will be 1500 copies. If there is more interest, then there would be the possibility of larger distribution. The Directory will be printed locally on recycled paper!

Distribution: The Directory would depend on your help for distributing copies. I will be doing my best to make the rounds and network with people who may be interested in offering the Directory in their offices, stores and to friends and families. Your help would be needed to make this successful.

Timing: This project was put on hold while I was on maternity leave. I hope to rekindle it soon.

Web site & Blog: Time permitting our web presence will grow.

Pricing: For more information and to receive pricing information, please email meg@unveiledbydesign.com.

Please check www.healthyconway.com for the latest updates. I will be posting more information as the project grows and develops!

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