Cheat Your Way Thin Diet Review In The Best Of Health

Cheat Your Way Thin Diet Review  In The Best Of Health

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Cheat Your Way Thin Diet Review

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The cheat your way thin diet focuses on helping people lose weight eating what they love. Instead of blaming our favorite foods for our weight, the cheat your way thin diet helps dieters understand why most diets do not work. Years of medical research backs the system and it has been featured on a lot of television shows, news programs and in magazines. 

Joel Marion, the Cheat Your Way Thin diet designer, spent years unsuccessfully trying to lose weight. He stumbled upon the basic premise of the diet on accident. He went on to research his findings and use medical evidence to back his claims.  

As a nationally published author, Joel has appeared on radio and television as a weight loss and fitness expert. Cheat your Way Thin is truly a different kind of diet. The diet focuses on the body’s natural inclination to protect itself from danger including the possibility of starvation. Starvation is a very real threat to our bodies and our instincts automatically fight against this possibility. 

Most diets want people to starve themselves through calorie reduction. In doing this the body goes on the defensive and starts to store as much body fat as possible to protect itself. This is why the more someone diets the more likely they are to not lose weight. 

Joel spent over 6 years researching the information that supports this diet. Seventy-three months of researching medical findings and reports led to an in-depth understanding of how our bodies work. At the diet’s main website, there are over 300 listed references. 

The evidence and testimonials are overwhelming. Joel’s diet has been in top national magazines such as Men’s Fitness and Woman’s Day, on news shows such as Fox News, and on Sirius satellite radio. Cheat your way thin is not a fad diet. It is a diet based on our body’s preprogrammed desire to survive. It is both reputable and long lasting with a large following, strong testimonials and the support of the press. 

The entire diet focuses on helping you learn how and when to eat your favorite foods. In fact, learning how to strategically cheat with pizza, ice cream, chocolate and everything else you crave and desire is essential to losing weight and keeping it off. Calorie manipulation protects your metabolism. Long-term, healthy weight loss is supported by the Cheat Your Way Thin diet plan. 

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